Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas was wonderful & relaxing this year. James & I are working on forming our own traditions for our little family. Both of our families live in The Woodlands, which makes it easy to see everyone in the same day. Last year, we tried to go to James's extended family's Christmas party on Christmas day & it was way too stressful. I'm sad that we didn't get to see that side of the family this year. However, we think it's a priority for Abigail to see her Grandparents & 1st cousins the day of a holiday. Next year, we're going to try to plan a party with James's extended family before or after Christmas so we can see them too.
Christmas Eve we usually celebrate with the Pearson family at my Grandmother's house. However, this year we all got together at my brother's house here in The Woodlands. My brother invited his in-laws, my in-laws, our parents & younger brother, my other Grandmother, & some family friends. There was a house full of people & tons of yummy food made ALL by my 82 year old Grandmother. She is a wonderful cook & boy can she bake! It was a fun evening, but not quite the same as having it at my Grandmother's house. It's funny how you get so used to family traditions, how it throws things off when it's different.
Christmas morning James & I had to wake Abigail up from a deep sleep so she could see what Santa brought her. I got ready with the flip camera while James & Abigail walked in the room. It was so fun to see Abigail's expression as she looked at all the presents Santa brought for her. Abigail wanted to get the babies out of the boxes right away so she could play with them. She loved her new horse too, but was disappointed that she couldn't ride it & that it doesn't move. After Abigail got all her gifts from Santa, James's parents came over so we could exchange gifts with them. Next year, we will have a new little addition in our family. We will be spending Christmas mornings at home with just our little family from now on to make it easier on us, but as part of building childhood memories for our children as well.
We headed over to my parent's house for lunch & to open presents with them. We only buy for the nieces & nephews, which saves money. My parents have 6 grandkids & number 7 is on the way. It's more fun to buy for the kids anyways. However, none of us really need anything! We had a yummy meal that my mom made & then we watched the kids open their presents. Of course, my brothers managed to make weapons out of wadded up wrapping paper & throwing them at everyone. Some things never change! Santa brought my niece Kayla a new puppy for Christmas, a yellow lab named Remi. I think my brother really bought the puppy for himself. My brother named the dog Remi after Remington the gun company because he's a hunter & plans to train the dog to hunt just like he did his chocolate lab that died last year. My mom also got a new puppy for Christmas that she named Jasper, he's a miniature schnauzer. Abigail is warming up to dogs, so hopefully being around these new puppies in the family with help. Abigail has always been scared of animals, I guess since we don't have any pets except for the cows at the farm. It was an enjoyable & relaxing afternoon.
We stopped by James's parents house for a little bit before we headed home for the night. James's mom had bought some toys for Abigail to keep at her house. It's nice that Abigail has toys to play with when she's goes to Grandma & Papa's house. My parent's already had grandkids, so they had lots of toys at their house. However, Abigail is the 1st grandchild for James's parents so they didn't have any toys at their house. Abigail kept telling Grandma that she needed a highchair for her baby dolls at her house, so that's what she got along with a baby carriage.
This was the first Christmas for Abigail to really understand what it was all about. She understands that Christmas is celebrating Jesus's birthday & can tell you the Christmas story. Abigail also enjoyed the whole Santa thing as well. I know Santa isn't real, but it's a fun tradition for the kiddos & only lasts so long anyways. I don't want to dampened Abigail's imagination or keep her from joining in on the fun. However, we do make it a point to remind Abigail over & over the real meaning of Christmas.

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