Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Adventures with Abigail

Last week, Abigail came down with a stomach bug. We went to a KSBJ brown bag concert at Chick-fil-a & as soon as we finished eating Abigail threw up all over James's back. Needless to say it was time to go home. The next day she continued to be sick & developed a fever. Several of her friends from church were sick with the same stomach bug. So, we spent lots of time hanging out at home. It's always hard seeing your little one sick. Abigail & I were both getting a little stir crazy.

Saturday morning, I started throwing up & literally could not get out of bed. Of course, James was at the farm like every Saturday. Abigail was playing very well by herself, but I felt bad for ignoring her. I told Abigail Mommy was sick, so she came in with her doctor kit to examine me. I have never felt so weak before & my stomach was so sore. I started cramping, which really scared me because I wasn't sure what was going on. I was hunched over in tears I was in so much pain. James came home & we called my Dr. who asked us to start counting what I thought could have been contractions. I was having about 5 contractions in an hour for 2 hours, so my Dr. wanted me to go to the hospital to get checked out. I was so scared even though I knew I was just dehydrated. However, it brought back all the memories of getting sent to the hospital early when I was pregnant with Abigail. We dropped Abigail off with my in-laws & headed to the hospital. James told Abigail that he was taking Mommy to the Dr. I was hooked up to the baby monitor as soon as I got to the hospital. It's always reassuring to hear the baby's heart beating even though I feel him moving around like crazy all the time. I was hooked up to a contraction monitor, which showed I wasn't having contractions after all. However, I was dehydrated so my Dr decided to admit me overnight for hydration & observation. I started feeling better pretty quick once I start getting iv fluids. James stayed with me at the hospital & Abigail stayed overnight with my in-laws. This was only the 2nd night for her to be away from us overnight. I was discharged on Sunday & spent the rest of the day napping & taking it easy. Abigail was exhausted too because she didn't sleep very well away from home. So, she slept for 3 1/2 hours. When Abigail woke up she was not her usual happy self, she was throwing one fit after another.
Monday morning, I had a difficult time with Abigail getting her ready for school. I explained to her teacher when I dropped her off that she was a little out of sorts because of the weekend. When I picked Abigail up from school, her teacher told me that she had to go to the "office" because she was hitting & pushing. What? I was in shock! Her teacher explained that she was hitting & they corrected her, but then Abigail started pushing so they sent her to the office to see if that would get her attention. Abigail was sent to the office for a little while & when she went back to the classroom apologized to the little girl. James & I both realized that Abigail was acting out because of the crazy weekend & she was worried about me. We were sure to give her extra attention on Monday night despite several melt downs. I'm sure this is only a taste of what's to come when the new baby gets here.
Abigail seems to be back to her usual happy self! I know all of this is normal for children because they don't know how to express their emotions, so they act out. However, it's so challenging for the parent.
Abigail in her rain gear with her princess crown! Oh, and we had to take her white horse to Mimi's house too! I couldn't get her to smile for me!
Abigail loves dressing up in this red tutu with her dress-up shoes & princess crown!

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