Monday, February 07, 2011

Jacob's Nursery

We are decorating Jacob's nursery in a farm theme. The funny thing about this bedding is that I'm pretty sure it's the same bedding I had picked out for a boy before I knew I was pregnant with Abigail. James wanted a farm nursery for a boy. I'm okay with decorating the nursery in a farm theme, I just didn't want John Deere or primary colors. So, below are pictures of the bedding that I found. I love it! I still need to decide on paint colors for the room, art work for the walls, & knick knacks for the dresser. However, for now I'll have to settle for having the bedding ready to go.

We're planning on moving in July, so I'm having to wait to decorate the nursery. We're moving into our larger rental property. Our tenants lease ends June 30th, so we'll need to replace the carpet & paint before we move in. I know it's crazy to be having a baby & move soon after, but I figure it's easier to move with a newborn than a toddler. I'm excited about having more room, but I'm DREADING the actual move. It's going to be bitter sweet leaving the home we live in now because it's the 1st home James & I bought together & filled with so many memories. Hopefully I won't go crazy not being able to "nest." I guess my nesting will have to be cleaning & organizing in preparation for the move.


Kristyn said...

Very cute!

Emily said...

Love the bedding! And yay for your move! We'll kinda be neighbors!!