Monday, February 21, 2011

Valentine's Day

We don't usually do anything too elaborate to celebrate Valentine's Day, but we do make the day special. Since Valentine's Day was on a Monday, Abigail had school. So, James & I got to enjoy a lunch date at Landry's. It was nice because we got to enjoy a meal alone, but didn't have to deal with the crowds. Abigail had a little party at school & exchanged Valentine's with her friends. I cooked tacos for dinner because that's James's favorite & I rarely make them. We just enjoyed the evening at home as a family. Of course, we ate way too much chocolate!
All our Valentines! The small tulips are for Abigail from James!

Abigail loved her unicorn pillow pet that Daddy bought for her.

Opening Daddy's Valentine card.

What little girl doesn't love tinkerbell?

Daddy stealing a hug & a kiss from his little princess!

Opening Mommy's Valentine card.

Abigail checking out all her Valentine's she got from her classmates & teachers at school.

Mimi & Honey came by to deliver Valentine's too!

James took this picture using the timer on our camera. There are very few pictures of me from when I was pregnant with Abigail. So, James is determined to get more pictures this time around.

Abigail drew another picture of me with baby Jacob in my tummy. Only this time she told me it doesn't look like a snowman. LOL!


Emily said...

What a fun day for Abigail! And I LOVE that picture she drew!

Jennifer Lopez said...

Ashley, you look BEAUTIFUL!! We don't want to take pictures when we get fat and big but you will one day enjoy seeing Jacob in your tummy. You look amazing and Abigail is such a big girl now. She is so pretty. I'm glad she had a great day and that you and James were able to enjoy a crowd-free, kid-free lunch.