Monday, May 02, 2011

Easter 2011

I'm late on blogging about Easter, but it's better late than never. Plus, the blog is like a journal for me so it doesn't really matter when I document the recent happenings in our life. We celebrated Easter with Grandma & Papa on Good Friday. I was able to go back to church with my family on Easter Sunday after being on bedrest. It was so nice to be back at church & on such a special day was even more meaningful. We had an Easter egg hunt at church after the service. Then, we headed over to Mimi & Honey's house to celebrate Easter with my family & all of Abigail's cousins. It's always so fun to see the cousins together because they love each other so much. We ate lunch with my family & then the kids hunted eggs again. Abigail finally said, "I'm done hunting eggs!" LOL! I guess after hunting Easter eggs 4 times, you would be "over it." I have lots of pictures of Abigail hunting eggs that's for sure. Abigail has been learning the real meaning of Easter at school, church, & home. She says that Jesus died on the cross & rose again or came back to life. However, I don't think she is old enough to fully grasp this truth. The important thing for now is that Abigail understands that Easter is not only about the Easter bunny, Easter baskets, & Easter egg hunts. We didn't get any good pictures of us as a family this year. Oh well!

Me with Jacob's Easter basket from Grandma & Papa

Abigail in front of her Easter loot from Grandma & Papa

Easter egg hunt at Grandma & Papa's

Daddy & his little princess

Abigail & Daddy with Grandma & Papa

Abigail's Easter basket from the "Easter Bunny"

Bedhead haha!

Easter egg hunt at church

Abigail with her cousins checking out their Easter baskets from Mimi & Honey

My sister-in-law Jamelle, my Mom, my sister Lindsay, & me with Jacob sticking out

My brother Barry, My brother Ricky, my Dad, my brother-in-law Holland, & James

Easter egg hunt with cousins at Mimi & Honey's house

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