Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jacob Edison Fehrle

As you all know I was put on bedrest as a precaution at 27 weeks. Of course, after I was released from the bedrest at 36 weeks, I continued to carry Jacob to my scheduled c-section date. Praise God!!! The day before my c-section James & I both picked Abigail up from school & spent the afternoon with her. After dropping Abigail off at my parents house, we came home so I could finish packing & attempt to get some sleep. I was so nervous, that I think I only got about 2 hours of sleep. I couldn't eat or drink past midnight & of course I threw up my dinner. The day of Jacob's birth we arrived at the hospital at 6 am to get ready for the c-section. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to put the iv in. I have horrible veins and I was dehydrated. The nurse tried twice to get the iv in & was unsuccessful. I'm terrified of needles & it was very painful because she was digging around in my arm trying to get a vein. The nurses wrapped my arms in warm blankets trying to get my veins to pop up. The nurses were telling me to relax that I was causing my veins to tighten because I was so nervous. Of course, I was nervous because I was being treated like a human pin cushion. Finally, the nurse got the anesthesiologist to come put the iv in & he had to stick me twice before getting a vein. The vein he got wasn't a good one either because if I moved my arm a certain way the fluid would stop running. Apparently, they wanted to get a certain amount of fluid in me before taking me into surgery. My Dr and the Dr assisting him were waiting for me! We were more than 30 minutes behind schedule all because the nurses couldn't get an iv in my arm. Finally, it was time for the c-section. I was really freaking out at this point. I was having to psych myself up by telling myself that the baby has to come out & this is the only way the baby can come out, so I have to do this. Walking into the operating room was even more nerve wrecking. I had to take a few deep breaths & stop looking around at all the equipment. The nurse had me climb on the table & put my legs in a chair in front of me. I was shaking because it was so cold in the room. The spinal wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and my legs went numb almost immediately. My blood pressure was high the day before & the morning of the c-section. My blood pressure dropped really low as soon as the spinal started to take effect, so I was given some medication to increase my blood pressure. Dr. Rawson asked if I could feel anything & I said "no," and he said "okay, we're ready to go then." James was standing by me watching the whole c-section. He was like a little kid in a candy store, he was so excited. James made the comment, "there's not that much blood," to which Dr. Rawson responds, "I can show you some blood." Umm, excuse me guys, but I can hear you! It was a weird feeling knowing that I was sliced open on the other side of the curtain & that my baby was about to be outside my womb. I will never forget the sound of Jacob's first cry. What an awesome sound and an amazing feeling! All I could do was cry tears of joy as I laid on the table getting sewn back up and listened as my baby was being examined. The doctors & nurses all sang "Happy Birthday" to my precious baby boy! We have a video of them singing & Jacob cries at the end of the song, so cute!

Jacob Edison Fehrle was born May 17th at 7:52 a.m.. He weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. & was 19 1/2 inches long. He was born with a head full of brown hair. Jacob is a happy healthy baby. Once we got back to the recovery room, Dr. Rawson came to check on me & asked if Abigail was at the hospital. Dr. Rawson had been waiting to get a hug from Abigail for several years now & she said she would give him a hug when he got baby Jacob out of Mommy's tummy. So, Dr. Rawson went to the waiting room to get Abigail & brought her back to meet her baby brother. Abigail was so excited to meet her baby brother & is a proud big sister. I love the pictures of those first few moments after Abigail met her baby brother. Then, one by one the rest of the family came back to meet baby Jacob.
The rest of the day was not so fun for me because I was throwing up from all the anesthesia and medicine I was given. The medicine the nurse gave me to stop the naucea made me groggy. So, I just laid in bed watching as my family enjoyed my baby boy. Should I even mention that my iv had to be changed, making that the 5th time I was poked! I was finally feeling better by the end of the day.
The first night at the hospital was another new experience because the baby was in the room with us & not in the NICU. I'm a light sleeper & don't sleep well in the hospital. In the middle of the night, I could hear Jacob spitting up but couldn't get to him. So, I tried waking James up & he was not waking up. I was beginning to think I was going to have to find something within arms reach to throw at him. Finally, James woke up & helped me with the baby. I decided just to hold Jacob & let him sleep with me since I couldn't get out of bed yet. I was able to get out of bed the next day & felt much better. This whole experience was so different from having a premature baby in an emergency situation. In a lot of ways, it was like we were having our first baby because we were experiencing so many things for the first time.


Lacey said...

Ashely, I hadn't heard the whole story so was happy to read it. GLad that it all went well despite the vein issue, and stomach sickness. Ick. We go through a lot, don't we??? And I can't believe them talking about blood in front of you. LOL. so funny!!! Jacob is an absolute doll baby. He is so handsome. Love all his hair. I think he looks just like his Mama!!! Congrats!

Kristyn said...

Wow, what a story! The part about James not waking up made me laugh! When I had Jayce, I really had to pee and I couldn't do get out of bed by myself since I had a c-section and I couldn't wake Layne up. I was throwing things at him, calling him on his cell phone (which was right next to his head) and then finally he woke up and was looking around like, "what? is there something wrong?" Oh i was so irritated! but now we laugh at it. I also had the same reaction to the spinal...well I think it was the morphine afterwards. I was really really sick after I had Ryleigh. It took me all day to feel normal again.

I'm glad he's finally here and I hope to get to meet him!!

andie said...

Ashley thanks for sharing the delivery story. I am so happy for you and James to have such a 'smooth' experience this time around! I'll contact you this week to see if I can come by and meet him and bring ya'll some dinner. Congratulations and God bless your big family!