Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Day!

I wanted to do something fun with just Abigail & I before the baby arrived. So, last week after dance class, I took Abigail to Sweet & Sassy to get a manicure & pedicure. Sweet & Sassy is a cute little salon just for little girls. It's one of those places that you make fun of, but one day end up there with your child. We had some time to kill before her appointment so we walked over & ate lunch at Pot Belly. Abigail enjoyed a PB & J of course, while I had a chicken salad sandwich. As I sat there watching her eat her lunch across the table from me, I couldn't believe how much she's grown. What happened to my baby girl? Abigail will always be my baby girl, but she's growing up too fast! Sometimes I wish time would just stand still. Abigail LOVED getting her finger nails & toe nails painted! She was so proud to show off her pretty hands & feet. We had to go by & show Daddy at work before we went home. Abigail is very much a girly girl & LOVED all the pampering! I see more manicures & pedicures in our future that's for sure. I loved getting to spend some special time with my beautiful little girl!

Abigail waiting patiently to get all pampered!

Abigail & Mommy ( a friend offered to take the picture)

I think she's having fun, what do you think?

It's a hard life huh?

Abigail is loving getting her feet rubbed!

Abigail is being so still while she's getting her toe nails painted. It's always a battle when I go to trim her toe nails.

Look at those pretty feet minus the ugly mosquito bites on her little legs.

Waiting for her toes to dry

Manicure time

My little princess! Notice the pony in the purse sitting next to her, she picked that out & we had to have it.


Pretty hands

My little big girl!

Showing off the glitter on her face

A quick picture as we were leaving Sweet & Sassy


Kristyn said...

How much fun!!!!! I can't wait to do that with my little princess! Abigail has just grown up so much! I seriously don't know where the time goes!!!

feiane (fe-yan) said...

looks so much fun and cute bonding moment.... wish i will also have an adorable baby girl in the future....