Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

Memorial Day weekend Abigail had her big dance recital with Boni's dance studio. This was Abigail's second year in dance & it's been neat to see how much she has progressed throughout the year. Abigail's teacher was Ms. Boni, the owner of the dance studio. Abigail got a dance trophie this year. One of the little girls in her class has an older brother that plays baseball, so he gets trophies. So, the little girls mom got some trophies for the girls. Abigail is very proud of her dance trophie. Abigail loves to dance & dances all over the house & anytime she hears music. Her pre-ballet class danced to the song "Baby Beluga," they were supposed to look like whales. The recital had a cruise theme this year. Abigail did a great job! We wanted to snap some pictures afterwards, but Abigail wasn't in the mood for pictures. She had her mind on the ice cream we told her we would go get after the recital. This was the last year for her Daddy to pick her up off the stage after her dance. Next year Abigail will be taking ballet & tap. The class is an hour long & they'll do 3o minutes of each. I think Abigail is going to love tap.
Abigail & James after he picked her up off the stage

Trying to get a good family picture, not going to happen!

Family photo op, Abigail's not having it!

Abigail & Jacob with their cousins Colton & Kayla! Abigail specifically asked if Kayla was coming to see her dance, she adores Kayla!

My Grandmother on my Mom's side with us & my Mom in the background

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Headed Home

I was in the hospital for about 3 days after I had Jacob. Abigail stayed with Mimi & Honey while we were in the hospital. She is a proud big sister, but she did have some adjustment problems. Abigail's tummy was upset all week & she was having poop accidents after being potty trained for well over a year. Abigail was acting out and not wanting to do anything and the answer was "no," to everything. I felt bad that she was giving my parents such a hard time. I'm not sure Abigail understood that I would be in the hospital for few days & then we'd all go home together as a family. One day, my mom brought Abigail up to the hospital & James took her to play in the playroom down the hall. Abigail met a little friend & she had a blast getting to play with someone her own age. The day I was discharged, Abigail threw a fit because the volunteer pushing me in the wheelchair took off without her. Then, she had to climb up in my lap while I was in the wheelchair. Abigail had a total meltdown as we were loading up the car. However, she calmed down & when we pulled up in front of the house she said, "wake up Jacob, this is your home." We decided Abigail needed to spend as much time at home getting back in her routine. After a few days of being home, Abigail was back to her old self again. And thankfully her tummy issues went away & she stopped having accidents.

Jacob is a very good baby. I have to wake him up every 3 hours to feed him. At night, I feed him & he goes right back to sleep. Jacob does have periods throughout the day that he's alert, but he mostly eats & sleeps. Abigail enjoys holding Jacob & she helps get diapers and throws them away. My recovery has been a breeze compared to when I had Abigail. I feel great, I'm just really tired. I do try to make myself nap in the afternoons while Abigail is napping, but that doesn't always happen. I'm so in love with my precious baby boy!
Proud big Sister

We are ready to go home!

Abigail insisted on climbing up in my lap!

Yes, our baby boy is in a car seat with flowers!

Home Sweet Home!!

Chilling on the couch in the Boppy