Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jacob's 2 Month Stats

Yesterday, I took Jacob for his 2 month check up & shots. He weighs 12 lbs. 3.6 oz, which puts him in the 50% for weight! He's 23" long, which puts him in the 40% in length! It took Abigail almost 7 months to get to 12 lbs. & she's NEVER been in the 50%! I'm not gonna lie, I'm one proud Mama! I'm so thankful to have such a healthy baby boy! It's been a completely different experience having a healthy full term baby! Jacob is a very good baby! He loves his swing & will actually stay in it for longer than 5 minutes! Jacob seems to have a pretty laid back temperament so far! He's smiling & cooing, which is so cute! He has the most adorable smile EVER! He still has a head full of hair, which has a style of it's own! He's kicking his legs & grabbing at things with his little hands! He does take a pacifier & likes his lovies too! Jacob is breastfed only, which is another reason why I'm so proud of his healthy weight! However, I have introduced him to the bottle so I can leave him with others! He only gets a bottle maybe once or twice a week though! I haven't put him in the nursery yet at church, maybe in another month or so! Jacob sleeps in the bassinet in our room next to the bed! I plan to move him upstairs to his crib once he's sleeping all night! Jacob sleeps from about 10 pm until 5 am when he wakes up to eat, but then he goes back to sleep until he's ready to eat again around 8 am! I'll be happy when he's sleeping all night, but I'm happy he only wakes up one time to eat for now! I don't have any pictures to post this time, but promise to post lots of pictures next time!

We moved two week ago & it's been a little crazy around here! I've almost got all the boxes unpacked! Now, it's a matter of organizing & finding places for everything! Our old house is on the market, so we'll see what happens! We put the house for sale or lease, we'd like to sell it but we aren't going to sell if for any less than what we want to so we may just have to lease it for now! It's a nice little house & in a great location, so we aren't just going to give it away!

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Kristyn said...

Sleeping from 10pm-5am is sleeping through the night girl! He's doing great!! :) That's awesome for being 8 weeks old! That's when both of mine started "sleeping through the night". Glad he's a good, healthy baby :)