Thursday, August 25, 2011

Abigail's 4 year Stats

Last week, Abigail had her 4 year check up. She's 32 lbs., which puts her in the 20% for weight. She's 37.5" tall, which puts her in the 10% for height. Abigail is a petite little thing, but healthy. Abigail passed both her hearing & vision tests. She was brave for her shots, although she was screaming after the first two. I took her to get a cookie afterwards, but she only took two bites & she was done. I can't believe how big my baby girl is getting, time needs to slow down. Abigail has so much personality. She loves to sing & dance and makes up her own songs. She loves to play with her toys & has quite an imagination. Abigail is really into playing dress up and loves all the princess dolls & movies. Abigail is full of energy & always has been. She likes the t.v. on in the background, but doesn't just sit still and watch. She's always on the move. I love to listen to her playing when she doesn't think anyone is watching. I wish I could just stop time & she'd stay my little girl forever.

Waiting for the Doctor

Fell asleep in her playroom after her shots

Playing dress up & taking care of her babies

Abigail playing around

Abigail playing in her playroom


andie said...

She is so precious Ashley! Praise God that she is so healthy! My heart is hugging yours right now as you miss the baby Abigail used to be, while celebrating the beautiful girl she's become. :) hugs!

Kristyn said...

I'm glad that she's healthy :) Can't believe that she is already FOUR! Enjoy every minute with her! She's precious!!