Monday, September 05, 2011

Tooth Fairy Visit

While we were at Abigail's 4 year check up, I discovered she had a chipped tooth. I have no idea how she chipped her tooth nor do any of us remember Abigail having any falls recently. So, last Saturday while Abigail & I were sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal & she complained of her tooth hurting, I assumed she was referring to the chipped tooth. I asked her which tooth & she pointed to the opposite side of her mouth. I just thought she had heard me talking about her chipped tooth, so I just let it go. Later that day while James & Abigail were eating popsicles, Abigail complained about her tooth hurting again. So, this time I decided to take a look at her teeth. I asked Abigail which tooth was hurting & she pointed to one of her top front teeth. I felt it & it was very lose!! I of course freaked out & did the whole gasp & hands over my mouth bit, which in turn freaked Abigail out! I admit not my best Mommy moment! I called the on call dentist & he said if the tooth falls out over the weekend there's nothing they can do, but follow up with the dentist on Monday either way so he can take a look at her teeth. The next morning, Abigail's tooth was just hanging on by a thread at this point. We decided to go ahead & go to church to try to take Abigail's mind off her tooth. After church, we went to lunch with friends like we normally do. Abigail wouldn't eat because of her tooth. She was holding a napkin on her tooth & when she thought no one was looking she pulled the tooth out herself! Abigail's always been one tough little girl! We almost really lost her lost tooth! Abigail was very proud of herself & couldn't wait to eat because she hadn't eaten anything all day because of her tooth. I on the other hand was at the other end of the table trying hard not to burst into tears. Abigail was excited to go to bed for the tooth fairy to come visit. She wanted to stay awake to see what the tooth fairy's dress looked like. Abigail's so funny. The tooth fairy had to stay up late to make sure Abigail was sound asleep so she could sneak upstairs without waking up Abigail. I must say that the tooth fairies job is much more difficult than I imagined. The next morning, Abigail came running down the stairs with her money in hand! She was so excited & couldn't wait to go to Walmart to spend her tooth fairy money. So, first thing Monday morning I called the dentist to make an appointment. It was time for Abigail to get her teeth cleaned anyways. Abigail did great getting her teeth cleaned & picked cookie dough as her toothpaste flavor. Abigail got x-rays of her teeth for the first time. I had to do a little bribing to get it done though. I could tell from the x-rays that her other top front tooth will be falling out soon, I didn't need the dentist to tell me. And of course, the dentist told me that the other top tooth would be falling out soon. The chipped tooth is fine. He said that the roots dissolved early most likely from trauma that happened when she was 18 months or so. Of course my first question was when will her adult teeth come in? He said not until around age 7. We can do nothing about the teeth & it will be just fine or we can get a bridge put in until it's time for her adult teeth to come in. I was sitting there listening to the dentist talk about our options trying so hard not to cry. I know I should be thankful that we're just talking about a missing tooth. I have a healthy little girl, I should not complain. I'm just not used to looking at my little girl with a missing tooth. My baby girl is growing up way too fast! It just makes me so sad! I lost my two front teeth at an early age & was toothless for a few years & it wasn't a big deal at all! For now, we aren't going to do anything about her missing tooth. We'll decide if we want to do anything once the other tooth falls out. For now, we just wait.

Not quite used to this new smile

Ready to put her tooth under her pillow

Excited about her tooth fairy money

Getting her teeth cleaned

Getting x-rays


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