Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Months Old

I can't believe that Jacob is already 5 months old! Time is going by so fast! I was a little late with his 4 month check up & shots, which I'm sure is perfectly normal for a second child right? It's also very difficult to find the time to update my blog. I want to make time to update the blog because I have always been better at blogging than updating the baby book. So, I will work on making time for updating the blog in my already hectic schedule.
4 months stats:
15 lbs. 5.6 oz. (40%)
24.75 " (23%)
Jacob had a reaction on one of his legs to one of the shots. The area of the shot site got really red & knotted up. He never ran a fever & it didn't seem to bother him, but we went back to the doctor just to double check. A few days later, we discovered that he's allergic to the milk proteins in formula. We tried to give him formula for the first time & he had an allergic reaction. He kept spitting up & dry heaving & then he broke out in hives all over his body. It was VERY scary because he was choking on his spit up. Thankfully I had some friends over, so they were able to stay with Abigail until my in-laws could get to our house. At the emergency room Jacob was given benadryl & an oral steroid. He was tired from all the medication, but back to himself the next day. I followed up with the pediatrician the following Monday who recommend I try soy formula. Well, Jacob turned his nose up at the soy formula. So, this Mama's just going to have to make pumping a priority if I want to be able to leave Jacob with other people.

What Jacob's doing at 5 months:
-sitting up unassisted, but isn't steady yet
-loves his jumper & could bounce all day if I'd let him
-rolling from tummy to back & almost all the way from back to tummy, but not quite
-he babbles & coos, but he's been doing that for a while now
-scoots backwards when you put him on his tummy
-can move all around when he's laying on his back playing on his floor mat
-grabs & plays with toys, his fine motor skills amaze me
-loves his big sister & watches every move she makes
-enjoys being outside
-smiles all the time
That's all I can remember at the moment. I am still sleep deprived. Jacob still wakes up during the night to eat.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Farm Trip

Last Saturday, we spent the morning at the farm. We didn't have anything going on & the weather was perfect, so I thought it would be fun to go to the farm. This wasn't Jacob's 1st trip to the farm, but it was his first trip where he was awake to see the farm. I hadn't been to the farm since Abigail's birthday in June because it's been so hot. I knew everything would be dry since we're in a severe drought right now, but I was sad to see how bad everything looked. We've lost some trees, the lake is very low & small, the hay field is just short stubby dry grass, & we only have about 20 cows or so because we've had to sell the majority of the cattle due to the drought & not having enough grass for them to eat or hay to feed them now or during the winter. The cost of hay right now is ridiculous, so James is thinking about selling all but a few until we get some rain & things turn around. It was a fun family day, but sad to see how the drought has effected the farm. It breaks my heart for the farmers who farm for a living because this drought is making things difficult. So many people are having to sell their cattle right now too because of the drought, so the auction prices are down.

Jacob loves being outside just like his big sister & his Daddy. I'm not so much of an outdoor person, but when the weather is nice I don't mind it so much. I need to learn to love the outdoors with a little boy though. James of course, had to drive Jacob around in the mule & introduced him to the cows. James also took Jacob for his 1st ride in the tractor. We have so many pictures of Abigail in the tractor with Daddy when she was a baby, so it was Jacob's turn. I know James can't wait to teach Jacob how to drive the tractor one day. Abigail is already learning to steer the mule while Papa pushes the gas pedal. Abigail likes to go fishing with her Barbie fishing pole at the farm. She actually caught a fish & she touched it. Abigail was running laps around the pavilion, that girl has too much energy sometimes. She was so sweet & picked me some flowers from the field. I knew they wouldn't make it home, but I did take a picture of them so at least I'd have the picture. We went to the Bar-B-que place near by & picked up lunch and brought it back to our farm and had a picnic under the pavilion. The weather was amazing & we all had a wonderful time. I love my little family so much & we are truly blessed! I'm one lucky girl!
Riding in the mule! Look at Jacob holding onto the steering wheel!

My boys! I love this picture of them!

Daddy showing Jacob the cows!

James walking in the "hay field," but there's no hay due to the drought!

Abigail caught a fish!

Jacob's 1st tractor ride!

There they go!