Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Halloween 2011

As you can see from all the posts, we've been very busy with all kinds of fall fun the last few weeks. Finally, getting around to posting the pics from Halloween. After I picked Abigail up from school, we went by Grandma & Papa's house for a quick visit. Then we took Abigail & Jacob trick or treating on our street in our new neighborhood. We live in an older neighborhood so there's not a lot of young children. However, we realized that there are more children that live around us than we thought. The neighbors across the street have 3 small children. Trick or treating in our neighborhood gave us a chance to get to meet some of the neighbors. Then we headed over to Mimi & Honey's house for more Halloween fun & some more trick or treating. Honey was dressed up in a tux with his gorilla mask & Uncle Ricky dressed up as Men in Black. I know I say this every year, but I can't remember a Halloween when my Dad isn't wearing his gorilla mask. The cousins all love being together & it's so fun watching them play together. We all just hung out & took the kids trick or treating around my parent's house. And of course we ate lots & lots of candy & everyone was full of sugar by the end of the night.

Playing at Grandma & Papa's

Trick or treating in our neighborhood

Cousin pic minus Alec

The boys with their transformer masks on

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