Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jacob's Baby Dedication 2011

Last Sunday was the baby dedication at our church. Our church has baby dedication twice a year so it's a little more personal than having a large number of people on stage. Although, our church is growing so fast & has lots of babies & children that we still have a full stage each time. Baby dedication is a special time to publicly dedicate our child to God & promise to instruct him in HIS ways. Jacob is such a precious gift from God. He's the cutest little baby boy & his smiles just melt your heart. It was such an honor to have our pastor & friend introduce our family & pray with us as we dedicated our son to the Lord. It was very special to me that we weren't just "another" family on stage, but the pastor & the children's ministry staff actually knew who we were & knew our names other than just reading them off a card. We invited our family to church to witness the dedication. So, Abigail had her cousins Gannon & Colton in her class. She thought that was so funny. Abigail also thought that the Bible Jacob received was for her & she commented that she now has two of the same Bibles. Silly girl! Abigail came on stage with us & she stood there so sweetly just holding the Bible.

All the parents & children

Family photo op

Mimi with the her grandkids minus Alec. Aunt Lindsay had to hold Paxton.

The Bible that WPCC passes out. This is a really neat children's Bible.

The card Jacob was given along with his Bible. This picture was flashed on the screen while his name was being read.
Inside of the card

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ChrissyK said...

Your family is very sweet and wonderful and I am blessed to know you. You son... Oh how he melts my heart. I look forward to my 3rd week of serving in the babies nursery cause that means I get to hold him. He really is a precious boy.
Love you guys!