Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Trunk or Treat

James & I went to the "Trunk or Treat" at Faith Bible Church with our friends Todd & Kimberly & their girls. Papa & Grandma came along for the fun. I had never been to a trunk or treat before & didn't know what to expect. I pictured everyone parking in a parking lot & passing out candy out of the back of their cars. I was wrong! We just had to show up & the rest was taken care of by the church's youth group. The youth group dressed up & passed out the candy. Abigail enjoyed walking around with Sydney & of course she loved getting candy. She was wanting to open the candy as fast as she was getting it. James & I loved getting to spend some time Todd & Kimberly and our children. I thought it was a great idea because it provided something fun & constructive for the youth group to do together.

Grandma's a spider & Papa is a farmer. Abigail is Rapunzel, Jacob's a frog, James is the King, & I'm supposed to be a Queen.

Sydney & Abigail

This is how Jacob did the trunk or treat!

Abigail talking to Mr. Todd.

I think this picture of Jacob is hilarious!

Jacob & JoJo flirting already!

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