Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Zoo Boo

A few weeks ago, my sister & I took our kids to Zoo Boo at the Houston zoo. I was a little concerned about taking both kids to the zoo with just one stroller. Thankfully, my sister has a double stroller. It's a good thing she had the double stroller because Abigail rode in it most of the time. She had a major meltdown when I asked her to get up so Paxton could ride in the stroller. My sister's boys were sharing the back of the sit & stand just so Abigail could ride in the front. Besides the major meltdown we had a good time. The mosquitos were horrible! My sister had to run back out to her car to get the bug spray so we wouldn't get eaten up with mosquitos.

I had never been to the Zoo Boo & didn't know what to expect. Basically, the zoo had Halloween decorations throughout the zoo. There were also a few stations set up for the kids to trick or treat & a few games. Some children were wearing their costumes. The last time I was at the zoo it was under construction. The new Africa part of the zoo is really nice. I wish we could have fed the giraffes. We'll have to make time for that next time for sure. I didn't take any pictures of animals or the kids looking at animals. LOL!
Gannon & Abigail picking out their pumpkins

Coloring their pumpkins

This is how Jacob enjoyed the zoo!

Happy Baby

Abigail riding on my sister's double stroller

Riding the carousel

Attempt to get one last picture before we headed home!


Jenny said...

Ash, I love reading your blog. It keeps me in the know with one of my most favorite families. =) I'm glad you all had fun. I didn't know what Zoo Boo was but now I do. I wish I would have known so I could have taken the boys. I bet they would have loved it.

Isn't it funny how our kids shock us sometimes? Like, I bet you didn't think Abigail would WANT to sit in a stroller most of the time but then she did. Strange. I always giggle when the boys do that to me. They do the exact opposite of what I think they might want or do.

Love you girl.

Kristyn said...

Awe, looks like fun. I've never been there either. Glad you guys had a great time. The zoo is always a fun place to go!!