Tuesday, January 03, 2012

7 Months Old

Jacob has been 7 months for several weeks now, but I'm just now getting around to posting some recent pictures of him.

What's Jacob up to now?
-started crawling all over the place shortly after he turned 6 months
-pulling up on everything & starting to cruise around furniture
-FINALLY sleeping through the night (Mommy is so thankful)
-FINALLY establishing a nap time routine of napping in his crib & not the infant carrier while I'm out running errands
-LOVES eating puffs, the little finger food snacks that melt in your mouth
-Getting pretty good with his pincher grasp when picking up the puffs to feed himself
-is still a Mommy's boy! If I'm in the room, Jacob prefers me over anyone else.
-LOVES playing with his sister
-enjoys being outside
-is a happy baby full of smiles & laughter, only cries when he's tired or hungry

Jacob's 1st wagon ride

Abigail wanted to pull the wagon

Had to lower the crib

Playing with his friend Merritt's toys

Happy boy

Discovered the Christmas tree

The childproofing has begun

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