Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

On Christmas Eve, we had Grandma & Papa over for lunch to celebrate Christmas with them. I cooked my first turkey. I was very nervous about cooking a turkey, but wanted to make the meal special. My mom makes the best turkey, cornbread dressing, & gravy, so I had a good mentor. First, I made the Pioneer Women's brine & brined the turkey overnight. Cooking the turkey was easy, but James did keep an eye on the temperature to make sure we didn't over cook the bird. I don't like eating dried out meat of any kind from being overcooked. The turkey turned out beautifully. We made the homemade cornbread dressing & giblet gravy with a little assistance from my mom who came over to help me. I was very proud of myself for pulling off a big meal like this for the first time. I guess it made me feel more like an adult since I'm used to always going to my parent's or Grandmother's for the holidays and they do all the cooking. The meal was AMAZING if I do say so myself! James was very pleased too! After our fabulous lunch, we opened presents & watched the kids play with their new toys. Grandma & Papa were very appreciative of the meal we made for them.

Making the brine for the turkey

Putting the turkey in the brining bag

My 1st turkey!

Making giblet gravy

Table is set

Grandma & Papa with their grandkids

Look at that cute little bottom

Jacob's favorite thing was playing with the wrapping paper


Jenny said...

I'm SUPER proud of you for cooking such a big, special meal. Now, you can do anything!!!

Kristyn said...

I'm glad that you guys had a great Christmas. I'm also glad that you've waited until January to blog about it :) I still need to blog about our Christmas too. HA!!