Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Reindeer Dance @ Boni's 2011

Abigail performed her annual holiday dance at Boni's. She did such a good job. It's been really neat to see her progress over the last few years. They performed a reindeer dance & one other cute little dance. After, the girls performed the Daddies were asked to come up so they could teach them a dance. James was happy he was able to be there, it was not easy for him to get away from work that day. Abigail is a Daddy's girl so she LOVED having her Daddy there & thought it was so funny that she got to teach him a dance. I took a video of both dances & posted them on facebook. So, this is the dance in pictures. Enjoy!

This little girl LOVES her Daddy!

Family photo op

Abigail & Honey! Mimi was there too!

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