Monday, February 27, 2012

My Little Man's 9 Month Stats

This morning I took Jacob to the doctor for his 9 month well check. Jacob was also a little under the weather. He had a fever on Saturday & just hasn't been himself. Well, he had a little fluid on one of his ears & he's been congested for over a week so the doctor gave us some medicine. Hopefully the medicine will help him feel better because he hasn't been acting like himself the last few days.

Jacob is only in the 5% for both weight & length. The doctor wants me to bring him back in a month for a weight check. All of his blood work came back normal so she thinks it's just genetic & he's just small.

9 Month Stats:

weight 16 lbs. 1.5 oz (3-5%)
length 26.75 inches (5%)

-Says "Da Da," "Ma Ma," & "Ba Ba"
-Cruising all of the place
-Standing for several seconds by himself
-Doesn't like for Mommy to be out of his site! He follows me all over the house!
-Figured out how to climb the stairs, which scares Mommy to death!
-Thinks the window blinds are toys, which drives Mommy crazy!
-Is a busy boy! He's loves to play & is into everything!
-Quite mischievous

My Happy Healthy Baby Boy

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day

We don't usually do anything on Valentine's day because we don't have a babysitter. My parents are the babysitters if we do anything in the evenings & they usually go out to eat on Valentine's. This year my Dad was traveling for work, so my mom was more than willing to watch the kids. I felt bad because my parents were apart on Valentine's day. However, James & I did enjoy getting to go out alone on Valentine's day. We chose to go to Flemming's Steak House for dinner because it's one of the few places in the Woodlands that take reservations. We didn't make the reservations until the day before, so we were lucky that we got a table anywhere.

James & Abigail had a Daddy/Daughter Valentine's date the night before Valentine's Day. They went to the mall & ate dinner at Chick-fil-A of course & then rode the carousel. They visited the Coach store & purchased my Valentine's present. Then, went to build-a-bear where Abigail picked out a pink bear, which she named "Sprinkles." She picked out a rainbow dress with wings that light up & twinkle toe shoes to accessorize her teddy bear. Abigail was one happy little girl when she got home. Daddy was on cloud nine as well.
I LOVE my little family

Visiting "Mama" (my grandmother) at the assisted living

Visiting Papa & Grandma

The Fehrle boys

Leaving for Daddy Daughter Valentine's date

After Daddy Daughter Valentine's date

Just a few of our Valentine surprises

My Valentine surprise from James & Abigail

Abigail striking a pose before school