Monday, February 27, 2012

My Little Man's 9 Month Stats

This morning I took Jacob to the doctor for his 9 month well check. Jacob was also a little under the weather. He had a fever on Saturday & just hasn't been himself. Well, he had a little fluid on one of his ears & he's been congested for over a week so the doctor gave us some medicine. Hopefully the medicine will help him feel better because he hasn't been acting like himself the last few days.

Jacob is only in the 5% for both weight & length. The doctor wants me to bring him back in a month for a weight check. All of his blood work came back normal so she thinks it's just genetic & he's just small.

9 Month Stats:

weight 16 lbs. 1.5 oz (3-5%)
length 26.75 inches (5%)

-Says "Da Da," "Ma Ma," & "Ba Ba"
-Cruising all of the place
-Standing for several seconds by himself
-Doesn't like for Mommy to be out of his site! He follows me all over the house!
-Figured out how to climb the stairs, which scares Mommy to death!
-Thinks the window blinds are toys, which drives Mommy crazy!
-Is a busy boy! He's loves to play & is into everything!
-Quite mischievous

My Happy Healthy Baby Boy


Kristyn said...

What a cute little guy! I can't believe he's so small! :) Makes it a lot easier to carry him all over the place though :) Glad that he's feeling better though.

ChrissyK said...

Your happy healthy CUTIE baby boy!!!