Friday, March 30, 2012

Sea World Spring Break 2012

This year for spring break we decided to take a little mini vacation to San Antonio. I had to post our trip in 3 different blog posts. Ever since Abigail saw the movie Dolphin Tale, she has been obsessed with dolphins & whales. She's also seen all the Free Willy movies. So to Abigail all whales are named Willy, not Shamu. James & I thought it would be fun to take her to Sea World while it's not 100 degrees outside. Abigail had also been talking about going to Sea World for a few months now, so she was so excited!

We left on Friday night in the pouring rain & got stuck in lots of 5 0'clock traffic, so it took us FOREVER to get to San Antonio. Our original plan was to go to Sea World on Saturday, but it was raining & supposed to rain all day. Thankfully we were staying at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort & Spa & they always have a calendar of activities for the kids. After spending a little while in a bounce house, we decided to go to Target & buy some ponchos & just take our chances at Sea World. When we got to Sea World it was only sprinkling so we thought this isn't so bad. We didn't have to stand in any lines. We were able to see one show, which only had maybe 25 people in the audience total. Then, they had to shut down Sea World because of weather in the area. Needless to say we were running back to the car because we got caught in a torrential downpour. It was also a little chilly outside, so being cold & wet wasn't a good combination. The kids were dry, which was all that mattered. So, we went back to the hotel to hang out. Well, we decided to venture out to the River Walk for dinner. It was still drizzling, but we just wanted to do something fun other than hang out at the hotel. So, we ate dinner at Rita's on the River Walk & had a large margarita of course. The River Walk is not stroller friendly that's for sure. It was a fun little adventure though.
Sunday, we went back to Sea World when they opened. We already had our tickets so we didn't have to wait in any lines. The weather was warmer & the sun finally came out. We spent several hours at Sea World & saw all the shows. Abigail was only able to ride one of the rides since she's still so short. Abigail loved seeing the baby beluga whales, the dolphins, & Shamu A.K.A Willy. We had so much fun at Sea World & it was so fun getting to experience it through my child's eyes & excitement. I was disappointed that I didn't get very many pictures, but sometimes you just have to live in the moment. It was difficult to take pictures since James or I were holding Jacob & Abigail was wanting in our laps so she could see the shows better. We were smart & took both of our strollers because we don't have a double stroller & knew Abigail would get tired of walking. Sure enough she was in & out of the stroller because James refused to carry her around everywhere. After a full day at Sea World, both kids fell asleep as soon as we got in the car. So, we drove around enjoying the hill country while the kids took a nap. Then, we went back to the hotel & went down to the pool. My friend Lydia & her kids were in San Antonio as well, so they came over to our hotel to go swimming. I'm learning to be more spontaneous & live in the moment, which is something I'm learning since becoming a parent. I'm a planner & like to have everything all planned out, but with small children you just have to go with the flow. It was a fun little get away & a much needed vacation.
Baby Beluga Whale

My blue eyed baby boy!

Feeding the dolphins

Waiting for the Shamu show

Shamu show

$20 face painting that didn't last long

Sea Lion show

Abigail showing off her face painting & her new swim suit

More San Antonio Fun

We spent one day just relaxing & enjoying the beautiful weather. We went to a park in San Antonio right by the zoo where they had a train. We walked around the park for a little bit & road the train. The weather could not have been more perfect. Then, we enjoyed the pool & lazy river at our hotel. The pools were heated for spring break.

We love that the Hyatt Resorts always have lots of fun things for families to enjoy. One night the hotel brought in Zoomagination. It was very educational & neat to see a few zoo animals. Abigail also got to get her face painted at the hotel only this time it was free. The hotel also had smores every night by the fire pit.
Train ride

Jacob's 1st encounter with grass. He wasn't so sure about it.

He's crawling funny because he's trying not to touch the grass. LOL!

Some of the animals we saw at the hotel.

Random picture of Jacob crawling around the on the porch

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wildlife Ranch on the way home

On our way home from San Antonio, we stopped at the Wildlife Ranch. It's a drive through African Safari in the Texas hill country. We were able to buy some food to feed the animals along the way. I have been wanting to go for a few years now, but we just never had the time & it was always the opposite direction from where we were going. So, this time we decided to make a little detour to check it out. It was worth the time & money. We got to see lots of cool animals up really close & the hill country view was amazing.

We also stopped at Memorial City Mall in Houston on the way home to eat dinner. Jacob was wanting to eat & I had heard they had a really cool play area. It was perfect because Abigail was upset that she didn't get to ride the carousel at Sea World & the mall had a two story carousel as we walked in the door. I grew up going to Memorial City Mall all the time & it has changed so much. They have a carousel, arcade, a really nice indoor play area, an ice rink, a little train, & they're about to get an American Girl store. Did I mention that there's a Target in the mall? Why don't we have something this fancy in The Woodlands? We will have to go back sometime for sure. It was nice to get out of the car for a bit to stretch our legs & let the kids out of their car seats since it would be bed time as soon as we got home. We had a wonderful mini vacation! Why does vacation have to end? Wait, I know because we would run out of money really quick!
Abigail's spot was Daddy's lap of course.

Jacob was in my lap for a while & then the floor board playing until it was time for him to go back in his car seat for a nap.

What a beautiful view!

This Ostrich was crazy! He literally stuck his head in the car & stole the bag of food from James! It was a little scary, but funny!


Petting zoo

Cute picture of Abigail hiding behind Daddy!

Trying to get a picture of the blue bonnets on the side of the road.

The carousel at Memorial City Mall.

Abigail chose a horse first & then the tea cups.

The really cool play area that has a gate & security to keep children from getting out.

The train that Daddy had to ride with Abigail.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rodeo/Go Western Day in the Books for 2012

We took the kids to the Livestock Show & Rodeo a little over a week ago! We'v always just gone to the Livestock show, but I thought Abigail would really enjoy the Rodeo part. So, I bought tickets to a Sunday show because they start at 3:45. I knew the tickets weren't close, but didn't realize how bad they were until we got there. Thankfully, I had borrowed my sister's double stroller otherwise James would have been carrying Abigail most of the time. However, pushing a double stroller up the ramp back & forth all the way up Reliant Stadium was not fun at all! We had tickets in the nose bleed section! Abigail did enjoy watching the rodeo, but she got pretty bored after a while. Abigail liked watching the calf scramble & the barrel racing. The group singing was some teeny bopper group I had never heard of before. We let Abigail listen to 2 songs & we left to go to the Livestock show. Abigail rode the ponies & a few other rides before it started getting dark. By time we got inside, the Livestock show was winding down for the day, so there wasn't much to see. We had a good time, but definitely learned our lesson that our kids are not old enough for the whole Livestock show & Rodeo. So, next year we'll just stick with taking them to the Livestock Show only! I did figure out where the horse shows our located, so we'll have to check that out too next year!

Abigail's Go Western Day @ Preschool! She was not cooperating with me wanting to take her picture!

My attempt to get some pics of her cute outfit!

This was the best picture I could get of her! Oh well, she still looks super cute!

After school photo op, she's got a little more sassiness this time around!

Jacob's first Livestock show & Rodeo!

Abigail posing on the tractor!

Daddy & Jacob on the tractor!

Look at Jacob's face, he's so excited! This boy will be learning to drive a tractor as soon as he can reach the pedals I'm sure!

Keep dreaming James! Although, I know he will be buying another Ford just not anytime soon!