Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Rodeo/Go Western Day in the Books for 2012

We took the kids to the Livestock Show & Rodeo a little over a week ago! We'v always just gone to the Livestock show, but I thought Abigail would really enjoy the Rodeo part. So, I bought tickets to a Sunday show because they start at 3:45. I knew the tickets weren't close, but didn't realize how bad they were until we got there. Thankfully, I had borrowed my sister's double stroller otherwise James would have been carrying Abigail most of the time. However, pushing a double stroller up the ramp back & forth all the way up Reliant Stadium was not fun at all! We had tickets in the nose bleed section! Abigail did enjoy watching the rodeo, but she got pretty bored after a while. Abigail liked watching the calf scramble & the barrel racing. The group singing was some teeny bopper group I had never heard of before. We let Abigail listen to 2 songs & we left to go to the Livestock show. Abigail rode the ponies & a few other rides before it started getting dark. By time we got inside, the Livestock show was winding down for the day, so there wasn't much to see. We had a good time, but definitely learned our lesson that our kids are not old enough for the whole Livestock show & Rodeo. So, next year we'll just stick with taking them to the Livestock Show only! I did figure out where the horse shows our located, so we'll have to check that out too next year!

Abigail's Go Western Day @ Preschool! She was not cooperating with me wanting to take her picture!

My attempt to get some pics of her cute outfit!

This was the best picture I could get of her! Oh well, she still looks super cute!

After school photo op, she's got a little more sassiness this time around!

Jacob's first Livestock show & Rodeo!

Abigail posing on the tractor!

Daddy & Jacob on the tractor!

Look at Jacob's face, he's so excited! This boy will be learning to drive a tractor as soon as he can reach the pedals I'm sure!

Keep dreaming James! Although, I know he will be buying another Ford just not anytime soon!

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