Monday, March 26, 2012

Wildlife Ranch on the way home

On our way home from San Antonio, we stopped at the Wildlife Ranch. It's a drive through African Safari in the Texas hill country. We were able to buy some food to feed the animals along the way. I have been wanting to go for a few years now, but we just never had the time & it was always the opposite direction from where we were going. So, this time we decided to make a little detour to check it out. It was worth the time & money. We got to see lots of cool animals up really close & the hill country view was amazing.

We also stopped at Memorial City Mall in Houston on the way home to eat dinner. Jacob was wanting to eat & I had heard they had a really cool play area. It was perfect because Abigail was upset that she didn't get to ride the carousel at Sea World & the mall had a two story carousel as we walked in the door. I grew up going to Memorial City Mall all the time & it has changed so much. They have a carousel, arcade, a really nice indoor play area, an ice rink, a little train, & they're about to get an American Girl store. Did I mention that there's a Target in the mall? Why don't we have something this fancy in The Woodlands? We will have to go back sometime for sure. It was nice to get out of the car for a bit to stretch our legs & let the kids out of their car seats since it would be bed time as soon as we got home. We had a wonderful mini vacation! Why does vacation have to end? Wait, I know because we would run out of money really quick!
Abigail's spot was Daddy's lap of course.

Jacob was in my lap for a while & then the floor board playing until it was time for him to go back in his car seat for a nap.

What a beautiful view!

This Ostrich was crazy! He literally stuck his head in the car & stole the bag of food from James! It was a little scary, but funny!


Petting zoo

Cute picture of Abigail hiding behind Daddy!

Trying to get a picture of the blue bonnets on the side of the road.

The carousel at Memorial City Mall.

Abigail chose a horse first & then the tea cups.

The really cool play area that has a gate & security to keep children from getting out.

The train that Daddy had to ride with Abigail.

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