Monday, August 20, 2012

12 Months Old Already?

I can not believe that my precious baby boy is already 1 years old!  Time please slow down! Jacob has brought so much joy & spunk to the family! I am so thankful that God gave us a little boy!
At 12 Months:
-he's clapping
-he loves to play outside & ride in Abigail's pink car
-he's not just walking, but running
-he's gotten some more teeth
-he's drinking soy milk from a sippy cup
-he's a Mommy's boy & likes to know where I am at all times, but he is starting to become a little more independent
-he loves music & dances by stomping one foot, it's the cutest thing
-he's good sleeper at night & takes two naps during the day
-he's my little man
-he's still got a lot of hair that needs to be trimmed frequently
Weight: 18 lbs.
Height: 27"
Jacob is little, but following the same growth pattern as his sister. 

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