Friday, August 24, 2012

Abigail's Dance Recital 2012

These pictures uploaded in the wrong order, oops!  Oh well!  This year Abigail took a Ballet & Tap combination class at Boni's.  Half the class they did ballet & the other half tap.  Abigail did not care for tap, I'm not sure why.  However, she still loves dance.  For her recital they did a tap dance to the "Yellow Submarine."  Abigail did a great job!  She was so excited about doing her dance on the big stage & everyone coming to see her perform!  Here is Abigail & all of her fans:
 Abigail with cousin Kayla, Uncle Ricky & his girlfriend Kimmi, & Jacob

 Failed attempt at a family pic

 Mimi & Honey

 Grandma & Papa

 Daddy's little girl

 I think this part of the dance routine is what made Abigail dislike tap because she didn't like being pulled in the circle.  She's one of the smallest girls in the class, so I don't blame her.

Backstage before the dance, I think she was a little nervous

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